Helping Members Help Their Clients

Taan exists to enhance the intelligence, expertise, reach and personal effectiveness of the owners of its member agencies:

  • Intelligence, through the sharing of best practices, management information, processes and technologies.
  • Expertise, through cooperative utilization of the talents, skills and experience of each member.
  • Reach, through hands-on affiliations with local independent agencies around the world.
  • Personal Effectiveness, through education and close, confidential, trusted-advisor relationships with other members.

Members assist one another in all areas of agency operations, growth problem-solving and performance.

Field Research

Even within tight deadlines, we can help pinpoint problems and opportunities, locally, nationally or globally, market by market. We can research customers and prospects and study competitive activity. We can uncover what salespeople, wholesalers and dealers really think.

Campaign Execution

We can help implement integrated, all-market campaigns, and/or special, localized efforts in key markets or against target market categories.

Test Marketing

Working with our strategic partners we can help with all facets of pre-market testing including creative, brand positioning, consumer behavior, customer segmentation, media, etc. We can help measure customer satisfaction, forecast ROI on marketing costs as well as evaluating the current and future value of existing marketing properties.

Media Planning

Not just by the numbers but with an intimate working knowledge of the media we’re buying – by geographic market, product category or targeted consumer and business-to-business in all required media.

Media Relations

Not by long distance but with personal contacts with news directors, editors and writers in international, national and local markets – and in specific consumer and business-to-business categories.

Special Promotions and Events

With people on-site to help set up and run presentations, seminars, meetings, trade shows and consumer events.

Community Relations and Public Opinion Programs

Strategize to help achieve vital goals for companies or industries among voters, special interest groups and government entities.