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Peter Gerritsen

Welcome to our new web site

It has been a long time in coming, but it is finally here. We have a new name. Taan Worldwide. This name reflects our our growth as the international network

Peter Gerritsen

Blair Enns works with Franklin Street

Blair Enns, Business Development Consultant (www.winwithoutpitching.com), working with members of the Franklin Street team during a recent visit to the agency in Richmond, VA. (News and photo submitted by Will

Ana Iorga

Neuromarketing goes online

This week I was invited at the Ecommerce Gala (Gala Premiilor E-Commerce) to speak about neuromarketing. I did a short overview of the new field, described a couple of case

Bob Goranson

Belated Thanks to My Mentor

Most of us in this wacky world of marketing have had a mentor (outside of a father or mother) at some critical juncture of our career. 

Peter Gerritsen

Tracking News about people you know

I am testing a new software product (new for me) that you may find valuable. http://www.newsle.com It is delivering great and timely articles about the people in my LinkedIn list.