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Peter Gerritsen

Altmans Gallery opens in Moscow

Our Taan members in Moscow (Hidalgo), Egor and Christina Altman, have recently opened a fantastic new art gallery. Congratulations, and we wish them much success! Egor and Christina Altman opened

Sean Duffy

A flipped perspective on growing business over borders

In April of this year, we relaunched Duffy Agency with our flipped agency concept. This new approach to international marketing redefines many pre-internet marketing conventions. More importantly, it provides a new agency option for companies seeking international growth. The

Peter Gerritsen

TrendWatching and Taan Worldwide working together

We are proud to partner with the team at TrendWatching. They have demonstrated their innovation and smart thinking in delivering valuable insights for a long time. It will be great

Sean Duffy

How digitally evolved is your company?

In my post on Growth Strategy, I mentioned the various stages of digital evolution businesses have been going through. A decade ago, the link between growth and a company’s digital competence

Sean Duffy

Is It Time to Flip the Agency Model?

“I hope I have to pay you a fortune.” A client texted me this message recently in reaction to a campaign proposal. This client is participating in a pilot project