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John McCallum

Scottish Independence Referendum; What’s it Got To Do With You?

As countries go Scotland can’t claim to be a big one or in the grand scheme of things an important one, some people feel it can’t even claim to be

Bob Goranson

Annual reviews and other managerial insights

“Annual performance reviews are one of the silliest inventions of mankind.”  Or so says David C. Baker, well-know marketing/ad agency consultant. 

Peter Gerritsen

Media Buy Transparency – mind the gap

Here is a very interesting article in Ad Age http://adage.com/article/news/ana-concern-grows-media-transparency/293259/      It looks like some clients are going to start looking to review details of contracts, relationships, and usage

Sean Duffy

Getting your brand found online

There are only three ways new prospects can find your brand online, be sure to use all of them. So you have set up a brand website with helpful content

Peter Gerritsen

Our industry needs more Curmudgeons…

…not egotists, gurus, and blowhards — we have plenty of those. Maybe curmudgeon is the wrong descriptor (I think old person that whines all the time). Perhaps “Skeptic” is the