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Sean Duffy

The real reason your content is not engaging online

Are your social media or content marketing efforts under performing? Before you spend any more time tweaking your content strategy and online tactics, ask yourself honestly: How engaging is my

Sean Duffy

The Problem with Passion

Wanting to do something with all your heart is great. It can bestow extraordinary focus, drive and fortitude. That’s always been the case. But in recent years I find this

Sean Duffy

Why Content Marketing is more than Publishing Content

The Cure for Content: Part II (read part I) If content is really king then why do most organizations still treat is like the court jester? Under funded, non-prioritized, programs run

Sean Duffy

The Cure for Content: Part 1

Why better tactics are unlikely to solve online content and engagement woes. The biggest content marketing challenge for most brands has little to do with content. It’s a matter of

Peter Gerritsen

Seeing the world through new eyes


I watch podcasts from @ThoughtfulChina. Some good insight into marketing industry issues happening in China. A recent show (http://www.thoughtfulchina.com/en/why-us-stars-need-chinese-fans-en.html) was an interview with Johnny Galecki, during his recent first trip