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Peter Gerritsen

New Member – OFyt – in South Africa

Announcing OFyt (http://www.ofyt.co.za ),  with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, is now a member of Taan Worldwide. This is our second member agency in the country. OFyt was founded in

Peter Gerritsen

Focus on R&D, Not Professional Development

An article originally posted on AgencyPost, July 29, 2013 Manufacturing, tech, sciences, energy and automotive — these and just about every industry segment that exists budget and invest significant funds

Peter Gerritsen

New Member – Chalk & Ward – Exeter, UK

Taan Worldwide welcomes the entire team at Chalk & Ward, as new members in our global network. Chalk & Ward (www.chalkward.com) is based in Exeter, Devon, UK. Founded in 1998. The agency

Peter Gerritsen

HIDALGO showed the largest increase in purchases in the advertising market for 2012

Advertising Syndicate HIDALGO became the fastest growing Agency on the Russian market by the end of 2012. This is evidenced by the major rating agencies in terms media purchases in

Peter Gerritsen

Strategic Objectives – Toronto, Cananda – elected as new member

We welcome Deborah Weinstein, Judy Lewis, and the fantastic team at Strategic Objectives (http://www.strategicobjectives.com) as new members of Taan Worldwide. @SO_pr is an independent, full-service public relations agency, based in