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Sean Duffy

The Problem with Passion

Wanting to do something with all your heart is great. It can bestow extraordinary focus, drive and fortitude. That’s always been the case. But in recent years I find this

Peter Gerritsen

Focus on R&D, Not Professional Development

An article originally posted on AgencyPost, July 29, 2013 Manufacturing, tech, sciences, energy and automotive — these and just about every industry segment that exists budget and invest significant funds

Peter Gerritsen

Negotiation Tactics you need to know

Back in 2008, at our meeting in Laguna Beach, Baker Communications conducted an excellent workshop on Negotiation Skills. I know that more than a few of the members still use

Bob Goranson

Belated Thanks to My Mentor

Most of us in this wacky world of marketing have had a mentor (outside of a father or mother) at some critical juncture of our career. 

Peter Gerritsen

TAAN interview on Research In Creative podcast

 I had a fun time chatting with Keith Burtis at CarbonView last week. Keith asked me to participate in his Research In Creative podcast. We talked about the merits of

Peter Gerritsen

Newism – The Consumer demand for NEW is exploding

 New products, new tools, new apps, new, new, new….

Bruce Cappelli

My Favorite Client

I got a note from a former client the other day; it was chock full of details about her recent remodeling project, her dogs, her parents’ on-going health challenges…in short,

Peter Gerritsen

Unique Job Titles

 What are some of the unique, different, effective, interesting, valuable job titles used these days within the advertising agency structure? 

Gregor Lof

STOP: Fun to Watch

A refreshing view on how a ‘great idea’ can change due to a few ‘minor’ comments of the client. THE reason why account managers should stay involved at all times

John McCallum

Is it the end of the Account Director?

This is an interesting article from one of the UKs top ad men. With the financial pressure we are all feeling just now it is tempting to have account management