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Peter Gerritsen

Marketing with a Clean Slate

  We have partnered with our longtime global resource, Trendwatching, to explore the practical application of trends from the perspective of communications agencies. Each month, one of our Taan Worldwide

Peter Gerritsen

TrendWatching and Taan Worldwide working together

We are proud to partner with the team at TrendWatching. They have demonstrated their innovation and smart thinking in delivering valuable insights for a long time. It will be great

Sean Duffy

The Problem with Passion

Wanting to do something with all your heart is great. It can bestow extraordinary focus, drive and fortitude. That’s always been the case. But in recent years I find this


Top 5 Mobile Marketing Case Stories 2010

I’ve already upload a new document in the resources folder. From Marketing Sherpa you’ll find out what they consider the top 5 case stories in mobile marketing during 2010. Maybe


Content is not engagement

There is a disturbing trend emerging from the shock waves of change that are shaking and reshaping our marketing, branding and communications world. People are treating content as if it

Peter Gerritsen

AdAge Article: MRI Identifies the Top 10 Most Engaging Ads  Today’s AdAge article, written by Michael Galin at MRI Starch, has a link to a slide show of the top ads measured through the research organization’s criteria. It’s interesting

Peter Gerritsen

Some Great Creative

I have two items: 1. Thank you all for submitting your work to our first annual Global Titan creative awards. Looks like we have a lot for the judges to

Peter Gerritsen

Best Print Ads of 2008

The Best Print Ads of 2008 MRI Starch Names Top 10 Ads Based on Engagement by Michal Galin, Advertising Age, 3/16/09 MRI Starch has developed an "engagement score" that was

Peter Gerritsen

Nice example of corporate flash-mobbing

T-Mobile Dance I don’t know if you have seen this commercial/event executed for T-Mobile in January in Liverpool. It is a commercial version of the phenom typically called Flash-Mobbing. Quite

Peter Gerritsen

Some Creative Ideas to share

When I responded to Farley Day’s blog request below, it got me thinking about the multitude of sites that offer interesting perspectives and cool new “ideas” that are happening in