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Peter Gerritsen

Media Buy Transparency – mind the gap

Here is a very interesting article in Ad Age      It looks like some clients are going to start looking to review details of contracts, relationships, and usage

Peter Gerritsen

Our industry needs more Curmudgeons…

…not egotists, gurus, and blowhards — we have plenty of those. Maybe curmudgeon is the wrong descriptor (I think old person that whines all the time). Perhaps “Skeptic” is the

Peter Gerritsen

A conversation with Mark O’Brien, Newfangled CEO


Newfangled ( ) works with agencies and their clients in development of lead generation web platforms. We here at Taan Worldwide are fortunate to consider Mark and his company to

John McCallum

Speaking the Language of Multinational SEO

Depending on what side of the force you see SEO on, be it the black, shiny, dark side of the black hats, or the gleaming, righteous side of the good

Sean Duffy

Too much KONY 2012 or not enough?

Its only been one day since the #KONY2012 movement seemed to reach critical mass online and began spreading like wildfire. And already people are complaining that it’s too much mainly

Sean Duffy

WeFeedBack: Sharing Food, Changing Lives

After several months in the works, we are very pleased to announce that the United Nations has officially launched a new online campaign to raise awareness for its World Food


Twitter hits home. Or, "Honey, what’s that intern doing in our kitchen?"

Despite the industry I’m in, people still seem to question me about the value of Twitter. They understand that the big sports and entertainment stars use Twitter to stay in

Artur Sławnikowski

Information positioning on the Internet a.d. 2010

Many of us have been given a task by a client to make their website appear on top of Google’s search results under a very generic, ambiguous keywords. Our clients

Bob Goranson

Mad scientist conducts digital experiments

  Many of our clients seem reluctant to commit to full-scale digital campaigns.  They are worried that they will waste their already limited budget in trying something they have no


“Big Cans, Big Prices” — Make the Package Hero in CPG Marketing Design

When designing a website, email, online promotion, banner ad or any consumer marketing communication online or off, I always want the consumer packaged (CPG) product to be as large as