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Peter Gerritsen

The Future of Betterment

We have partnered with our longtime global resource, Trendwatching, to explore the practical application of trends from the perspective of communications agencies. Each month, one of our Taan Worldwide members will

John McCallum

Black Friday – No Thanks

Black Friday might be a cultural phenomenon in North America but it means next to nothing to people in Europe. “I’m in danger of sounding like a Marxist, or at

John McCallum

Scottish Independence Referendum; What’s it Got To Do With You?

As countries go Scotland can’t claim to be a big one or in the grand scheme of things an important one, some people feel it can’t even claim to be

Bob Goranson

Annual reviews and other managerial insights

“Annual performance reviews are one of the silliest inventions of mankind.”  Or so says David C. Baker, well-know marketing/ad agency consultant. 

Peter Gerritsen

Our industry needs more Curmudgeons…

…not egotists, gurus, and blowhards — we have plenty of those. Maybe curmudgeon is the wrong descriptor (I think old person that whines all the time). Perhaps “Skeptic” is the


TAAN: different cultures, one great group

We just finished the Barcelona meeting. 3 days of connecting, learning, networking and partying. One of the great speakers was Anne Shevchenko, a Ukrainian / English speaker who talked about

Sean Duffy

If the traditional ad agency is dead, what will take its place?

It was 17 years ago this month that McKinsey & Company published a strategy paper called “A revolution in interaction”. It was a look forward at the likely economic impact

Sean Duffy

The real reason your content is not engaging online

Are your social media or content marketing efforts under performing? Before you spend any more time tweaking your content strategy and online tactics, ask yourself honestly: How engaging is my

Peter Gerritsen

Reputation Partners, Chicago approved for membership

Taan Worldwide announces our new member, Reputation Partners, LLC is a full-service public relations firm headquartered in Chicago and which serves small-, medium- and large-sized clients from a wide range

Ana Iorga

Neuromarketing goes online

This week I was invited at the Ecommerce Gala (Gala Premiilor E-Commerce) to speak about neuromarketing. I did a short overview of the new field, described a couple of case