This is No Time for Going it Alone

Bucharest Mtg, 2011 – Dinner at Caru’ cu Bere

When was the last time you had an honest, revealing conversation with the head of another agency? Maybe never?

Taan’s uniqueness arises from the honest willingness of its members to openly share their personal experiences, expertise, ideas, best practices, specialties, financials, successes, failures and even their dreams.

Taan helps agency owners operate in less of a vacuum by revealing winning new business strategies, providing a sounding board for new ideas and directions, sharing hard operating data and fostering non-competitive, cooperative relationships with other independent agency peers.

In a candid, confidential forum – at our meetings and in between – we share our collective knowledge to expand our vision, improve our decision-making and increase our success rates. Taan lets each of us see our businesses and emerging trends with eyes larger than our own; hear new ideas with ears more sensitive than our own; and multiply our own personal experiences by a factor of 50 or more.

Taan makes each of its members a more effective chief executive, more fully in control of managing his or her agency’s future.

Taan’s Value in New Business

New Business Presentations: Only at a Taan meeting will you get to see actual new business presentations made by other agencies to get into the finals and ultimately to win the business.

Successful New Business Strategies: Members share their new business techniques at regular meetings and in-between. New ideas for prospecting, positioning, gaining visibility and selling more profitable compensation packages are regularly discussed.

Specialization: With today’s increased emphasis on integrated marketing, more and more clients are looking for specialized services that often fall outside the usual agency capabilities. Taan members can provide these services effectively and profitably through the diverse capabilities of its members and affiliates worldwide.

Enhanced Expertise: Members can become “quick experts” in a product or service category by tapping into the expertise of other members. In numerous instances, members have helped other members put together successful presentations to businesses where they had little or no previous experience.

Branch Office Service: With close contacts in markets around the world, members can provide their clients with on-the-ground, hands-on service wherever they may need it.


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