TAAN Information Services

Advertising Expert, Jerry Gibbons, shares his insights with the Portland 2014 meeting attendees.

Taan Headquarters publishes several in-depth special reports:

Member Expertise Audit

Details and cross indexes member expertise by product category and specialized agency capabilities. Allows members to quickly ascertain which members to go to for advice and assistance.

Billing Practices & Production Cost Survey

Gives members industry-wide fee and cost norms for use in educating clients to more realistic budgeting.

Employee Salary Survey

Allows members to compare their personnel salary costs with other agencies on a job by job basis.

Employee Benefits Survey

Provides up to date information on how member agencies handle these increasingly costly programs. (US only)

Executive Compensation Survey

This confidential, anonymously reported survey tracks “owners’ take” for the top three executives of each members agency. (US only)

Bulletins, Blogs, and Discussion Forums

Frequent emails from Headquarters on issues of general interest and importance to the membership.

The network also uses a private extranet to share ideas, issues, and opportunities with each other in a secure way.