International Capabilities and Services

The attendees at our Taan Istanbul 2012 Meeting

For over 30 years Taan has had members and affiliates in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Today, every company is involved in global marketing to some degree and Taan members are positioned to assist them wherever they need to go.

All international marketing efforts eventually must succeed on a local level. Understanding local customs, answering local needs and speaking local languages is what Taan is all about. Throughout the world we offer experience and local know-how to help clients appeal to local customers’ wants and needs. And to do so efficiently, economically and intelligently.

The benefits of being part of an international network go well beyond providing branch office services. Taan members are kept aware of world market changes and the cultural and business differences that exist between countries.


The Network Summit

In 1999 TAAN became one of the founding members of The Network Summit, a consortium of successful networks similar to TAAN. The combined strength of over 400 diverse independent agencies work in a non-competitve way to assist in supporting client. Through these affiliations TAAN members can gain knowledge of and/or access to literally any market in the world.