Qualifications for Taan Worldwide Membership

Our global organization takes pride in the quality and caliber of our member companies. We have a rigorous process for evaluating potential members. Here are a few of our expectations for qualified members:

  • An independently owned and operated communications company that is considered a leader within their market, and has been operating for a minimum of three years.
  • Brings a unique prospective and expertise that may benefit the organization and members.
  • Ability to invest active participation in the network. Will attend in all required meetings. Will share insights and expertise. Will engage in dialogue as requested.
  • Is not considered a direct competitor of a current member within their market area.
  • Demonstrates to financial capability to invest the required funds to pay both the annual dues and the costs to attend events and meetings. A minimum of about 5000 USD per year.

If your communications firm is interested in becoming a member, please send your inquiry to info@taan.org