Advertising in a Recession

The IPA in London has put together some useful documents that address the advertising industry during these difficult economic times. There is a page on their web site ( that offers a few documents for sale, a few free ones, and a link to the Financial Times web site (Advertising in a Downturn) that also addresses advertising in down economies. These are worth investing some of your time to check them out. You will find some useful data to use in working with your clients in developing current and 2009 plans.

Normally, the documents are only for members of the IPA. Hamish Pringle, IPA Director General, believes it is important for industry leaders to do all they can to help the entire advertising community during these times. I agree. I thank Hamish for his initiative in addressing the concerns of advertising agencies everywhere.

If you learn of other documents, insights, web sites, blogs, and articles that you think would be helpful for all of us, please add to the comments attached to this note.