Altmans Gallery opens in Moscow

Our Taan members in Moscow (Hidalgo), Egor and Christina Altman, have recently opened a fantastic new art gallery. Congratulations, and we wish them much success!

Egor and Christina Altman opened in Moscow a gallery of mass-market art with the original works of Shagal, Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Warhol and Léger

November, 20, 2015

19th of November, the first art-boutique of graphic art – Altmans Gallery – was opened in Moscow. The official ceremony was held in the gallery itself which is at the 2d floor of retail and business center Novinsky. There were about 200 famous and noble guests from the spheres of business, culture and social organizations.

Through the evening guests were enjoying the original works of Marc Shagal, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, Fernand Léger and other masters. Within the sound of arpa guests could experience the masterpieces of world graphics and sculpture. The first thing audience saw at entrance to the gallery was the famous work of David Gershtein – wall sculpture Lovely Day made from aluminium and hand-colored. In the gallery guests could also see Dali’s Signs of the Zodiac, legendary Warhol’s Lovely Day, Shagal’s  iconographic scenes and Matisse’s Dance.

Despite ever-growing demand the Altmans Gallery is the only commercial gallery in Moscow specializing in mass-market arts of the first names. The gallery presents the original works of famous artists out of ordinary for Russian market price range from 1 000 to 40 000 USD.

The gallery founders are sure of commercial success of this project because mass-market graphics is the most promising segment of international art market which, according to some ratings, covers more than 21% of western auctions. Due to world statistics, 51%  of works sold at international auction presents the segment of under 1000 USD. Growing market of mass-production art is characterized by sound liquidity and turnover of works, and availability of mass-market arts guarantees it increasing popularity.

“Attractiveness of mass-market art cannot be overestimated. Today mass-market graphics is the most liquid and fast-growing segment of international art market. It took less than 100 years for world auctions’ sales to double their growth and reach about 224 mln USD. And the interest keeps deepening”, – said the founder of the Altmans Gallery Egor Altman.

“We open our gallery for true devotees of the greatest artists of XX century. Now in Moscow experienced completists can buy the original works of Shagal, Dali, Matisse, Picasso or Warhol at an attractive price”, – said the founder of the Altmans Gallery Christina Altman.


Additional information:

Egor Altman – co-owner of Аltmans Gallery, ex-advisor, ex-deputy CEO of managing company Media Atlas, creator Business FM radio station, founder and chairman of the board of Advertising Syndicate HIDALGO. Chairman of  Russian Jewish Congress. Co-chairman of the Independent agencies section of the Association of communications agencies of Russia. President and founder of Artistic legacy Fund of Igor Vulokh. Producer, completist, author of modern art-projects.

Christina Altman – co-owner of Аltmans Gallery. Vice-president of Advertising Syndicate HIDALGO. In 2013, together with the husband Egor Altman founded Artistic legacy Fund of Igor Vulokh. Took active part in creating of auteur porcelain collections and other art-projects.