An Organization Based on Trust

I often describe Taan as a group of independent communications agency management peers that enjoy a high-level of trust with each other. Our web site home page sums it up as “a global network of fiercely open, selfless agency collaborators.”
Prospective members ask what that means. It’s a hard concept to explain when they have not experienced this idea outside of their own agency. “Experience” is a key word here. Until you experience this yourself, it feels like just a typical sales pitch.
What is a group of “open collaborators”?
The members of Taan are peers that are willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly, that each encounters while running their agency. Within Taan, we share the details about our businesses that we would never discuss with a competitor — like new, unproven ideas, a fantastic new resource or a successful new business approach. Along with our mistakes, the wrong decisions, and the re-orgs that caused us havoc. These are secrets to the outside, but in here, given freely for others to use, learn from or avoid. All in the mission of helping fellow members grow their business.
Our global footprint enables members to see beyond the horizon to understand how other cultures may be driving tech in a new direction, or embracing an idea not yet seen at home. This exchange brings each of us closer, through shared experiences and learning.
So much is possible when you gather a broad spectrum of experts, each bringing unique skills, talents, and capabilities. Professionals that embrace the diversity of cultures from around the world who actually want to help each other — you create trust. Trust among peers. Trust is powerful. This is what we have in Taan. This is what each of us embraces, and experiences as a member of Taan Worldwide.
This is what “a global network of fiercely open, selfless agency collaborators” means to us.
Trust among peers.
– Peter Gerritsen – President, Taan Worldwide