Announcing the election of Mike Gallagher as a US Governor of TAAN

Michael F. Gallagher is Managing Partner/Account Services at Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C).  The agency is a 37 year-old firm whose roots have been in healthcare, financial services and higher education.

AB&C joined TAAN over 10 years ago and Mike has served as the agency representative for that entire time.  "When we joined TAAN, the firm was at one of those typical agency crossroads–probably around 25 employees, stable financially, but struggling to grow our business beyond a 100 mile radius of our Wilmington, DE headquarters."  TAAN presented a unique opportunity for AB&C.  The open environment coupled with an interesting mix of "similarly sized" agencies from around the world, was an eye and mind-opening opportunity for AB&C!  "I was stunned by the candid give and take between agencies, and while I could never tell you everything we’ve learned from TAAN I can guarantee you that at least part of our growth has been thanks to TAAN!"  Today, AB&C is a 60+person-agency serving clients throughout the United States.

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to be considered as a Governor for TAAN”, Mike said. “The time was right.  We have taken so much from TAAN and this organization has a fresh leadership attitude.  It was my time to step up and make an effort to continue growing this dynamic group.”

Mike Gallagher succeeds in the leadership role that has been held by Rod Miles, President of Cappelli Miles [Spring], in Eugene, OR for the past four years. Rod has been Chairman of the Board of Governors the past two years. The Chair position will now be held by Rich Wahl, President/COO of Push in Orlando, FL.