“A seat at the table” Taan webinar session

A big thank you to Bob Wiesner and Trish Wheaton at Artemis Partnership for hosting and leading a fantastic webinar – “Seat At The Table- Stop management consultancies from eating your lunch.”  for the Taan Worldwide members yesterday.

Plenty of good insights to turn into wisdom for the agencies and for our clients.

For members only – we have a link to the recorded session. Please request access through the Slack Channel.

Taan Worldwide welcomes our new member – The Group Advertising

The Group Advertising, Orlando, Florida, USA ( https://thegroupadvertising.com ) is now a member Taan.
The multicultural agency was founded in 2006 by Hernan Tagliani, President & CEO.  Offices in Orlando, New York, and Miami.
“It is great to now be a member of Taan Worldwide. I felt welcome from the first gathering, like joining the Taan family. I look forward to building strong friendships, open and sharing partnerships, and learning as much as giving among the group. I feel like we are all in this together.” – Hernan Tagliani
Hernan and his team bring us a wealth of perspective and experience in our industry. Taan is happy to have the agency join us in building an ever stronger organization that benefits everyone of our member firms around the globe.

Paradigm Communications joins Taan Worldwide

Taan welcomes our new member based in China, Paradigm Communications. (https://paradigm.com.hk)
The agency manages a full range of marketing solutions from their two offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Established in 1998 by Edwin So, the agency Managing Director.

Edwin and his team have been long time supporters of Taan member efforts in China. Taan is glad that the agency has joined us as our lead agency in China and in the region.

Crew Marketing Partners joins Taan Worldwide

Taan welcomes our new member – Crew Marketing Partners (https://www.crewmarketingpartners.com ) headquartered in Vancouver, with offices in Toronto and Kelowna, Canada. 
Since 2007, the agency has been helping brands in the food and beverage industry grow into global businesses. 
“Crew is excited to join a fantastic agency network in Taan. The quality of the agencies, collaboration of the leaders, and the global reach will bring a new dimension to our clients that will add tremendous value. We’re looking forward to being great contributing members and to help out fellow owners.”
 – Braden Douglas, Crew Founding Partner
Taan is happy to continue to expand our breadth of expertise around the world. Welcome to Braden, Nate, Josh, and the entire Crew!

Yakup Barouh will be missed

We mourn the passing of our friend and longest standing member of Taan Worldwide.
On April 23, 2020, the COVID-19 virus took from us a great man.
He is survived by his wife, Dolly, his son Ilker, a loving family, an agency team, countless students who learned from his wisdom, and his friends here within Taan. He has given us much for many years.
Yakup was the Managing Partner of Ilancilik Advertising Agency in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded by his father in 1909, it is the oldest advertising agency in Turkey. He was also a university lecturer at YeditepUniversity and Kültür University for many years. 

Yakup’s many years in this profession gave him a wealth of insights that he shared with all of us. Usually in the form of a story that imparted nuggets of his wisdom. Yet he was always seeking to learn. A constant student of the business of advertising. He sat in the front row of our Taan meetings, challenging new ideas, and seeking ways to improve himself and his agency.

Our Taan member, John McCallum, wrote a very touching and fitting tribute to Yakup on Facebook.
https://www.facebook.com/johnmccallum/posts/10213345665875885 )  John captured the complexities that made Yakup such an intriguing and valuable member of our organization.
We all mourn the passing of our friend. And we are here to support our member, Ilker Barouh, as he navigates Ilancilik as the next generation of agency leadership.
Yakup Barouh will be missed by all of Taan.
His legacy will continue.  In the often stated “Yakup” conclusion to his stories —  “etcetera, etcetera …”