Best Print Ads of 2008

The Best Print Ads of 2008
MRI Starch Names Top 10 Ads Based on Engagement

by Michal Galin, Advertising Age, 3/16/09
MRI Starch has developed an "engagement score" that was used to measure the best performing ads of last year. Click on the slide show within the article. The text attached to each of the ten helps explain why the particular ad score so high. On a purely "creative" measure, many of these would not be in my grouping of best. But, then again, effectiveness is what we strive to achieve on behalf of our clients. One of the things that has always bugged me about so many of the annual ward/beauty pageants for advertising. Gorgeous and engaging work to an ad guy, but did it really perform? There has to be both in my opinion.
So, here are some examples that achieve what was intended.