HIDALGO showed the largest increase in purchases in the advertising market for 2012

Advertising Syndicate HIDALGO became the fastest growing Agency on the Russian market by the end of 2012. This is evidenced by the major rating agencies in terms media purchases in 2012 by an independent industry publication AdIndex specifically for the newspaper “Kommersant”, № 131 (5162) 26.07.2013.

So, if the market for purchasing media advertising grew last year by 14%, the estimated billing for the Syndicate in 2012 increased by more than 146% as compared to 2011 and reached 1.066 billion rubles. More than 2-fold increased declared billing HIDALGO – up 1,193,63 billion rubles in the framework of the media, which monitored the given rating.

By results of 2012 HIDALGO took 8th place among the local Russian media agencies and by 9 points (from 42 to 33 place) has strengthened its position in the overall ranking AdIndex.

Thus, HIDALGO demonstrated the most dynamic development among the participants of the all-Russian rating due not only to an increase in the budgets of clients in the traditional media, but also an extension of the client pool and the active development of new activities.

The highest dynamics showed media such as press and radio, and the increase in the press was three times larger than last year Syndicate, and on the radio – more than 9 times. The growth of purchases TV advertising is also higher than the overall growth of the market.

The percentage of billings on various media gives a clear understanding that HIDALGO is a Full Service Agency today, paying equal attention to all media in the interests of their clients.

The rating AdIndex considered indicators of purchasing TV, press, radio and outdoor advertising, it still does not include data on purchases of online advertising. In addition, the rating does not represent HIDALGO brokerage services in the business press. Thus, the real amount of billing Advertising Syndicate much higher than reflected in the rating of the media purchases, and this difference is more than 40% according to HIDALGO.