News coming out of the TAAN Milwaukee Meeting

 Two important items to announce out of our Milwaukee Meeting.

David Weekes, announced that LOUD, Sydney, Australia, has officially re-joined TAAN. LOUD was a member for a number of years. Had taken a few years to reevaluate the connection to TAAN. Decided that the value TAAN will offer them for the future is very important to their business. Therefore determined that membership in TAAN is the key to international connectivity, knowledge, inspiration, and opportunity for their agency.
Welcome back David, and the entire LOUD team!

Also in the news. TAAN has elected a new US Governor.
Mark Gale, Managing Partner at Charleston|Orwig, has now begun serving his three-year term on the board of TAAN. Thank you, Mark, for taking on this position of leadership of our network. As we seek to improve all aspects of TAAN, your participation with the board will be valued by us all.

There is much we want to accomplish for TAAN and all our members. Our strength as a network is in the quality of all those within our association. These are two more examples of why TAAN’s future looks very bright.

Next week is the TAAN Freiburg, Germany Meeting. More great news to come!