Sick to Death of Bad News

Yesterday a friend of mine told me he stopped watching TV news."I’m sick of the same depressing story being played over and over again," he said.I had to agree in a recent blog post.It’s true that there are fundamental problems with the global economy. There is going to be more pain and suffering before we get through this. It’s also true that MOST of us are still working. Every day, we show up for duty, go out to lunch, pay our mortgages when they are due. To listen to the media, though, one would think the world spends the day standing in a bread line.Charleston|Orwig is holding its own during this challenging period. My partners and I are not naive. We realize we could take a punch in the nose any day. I can tell you with assurance, however, that we will get through this. So will you.It’s my opinion that the media is doing the world a dis-service at the moment. They constantly churn bad news at a time when clarity and accuracy are what the world needs.