Sociallyin joins Taan Worldwide

Taan welcomes our new member – Sociallyin ( ) based in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. 

Sociallyin is a 100% focused social media marketing agency, representing the creative and strategic social media marketing side of the South and beyond. The agency services a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. 
The Sociallyin mission: To create lasting connections through interactive engagements by connecting people and ideas through strategic online communications. 
“Sociallyin is very excited to officially join Taan Worldwide.  We’d like to thank Peter Gerritsen for helping us navigate this journey, and to the rest of the agency owners, thank you for accepting us into your organization; we look forward to growing with and learning from you. We have already felt the benefit of being a part of this community of people who do and love what we do and love every day. Our biggest takeaway so far is that there is not always one right answer; sometimes the best lessons come from understanding what not to do. We are looking forward to the next meeting! Big things in store for Sociallyin this year!” 
– Keith Kakadia, CEO, Sociallyin
Sociallyin is a young, vibrant, and innovative agency that adds to the Taan breadth of expertise around the world. Great to now have the team as part of our organization.