Some Creative Ideas to share

When I responded to Farley Day’s blog request below, it got me thinking about the multitude of sites that offer interesting perspectives and cool new “ideas” that are happening in the creative world.

I believe one of my roles for TAAN is to explore, hunt, forage, and come back with some new things to share. So, I decided to spend an hour jumping around the web to see what people have posted. Find a few minutes and link to these. Share them with your team. Enjoy it for what these are — Ideas.

100 Ways to Kill a Concept: Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down
By Michael Iva.  So, you’ve got an idea. A big idea. But will your idea take flight? Not if you let your concept be killed by all the usual excuses you hear from your managers, your bosses, your spouses—excuses motivated by fear or possessiveness. In this wide-ranging manifesto, Iva offers you ways to persuade someone to embrace your idea, to not be swayed by negative responses, and to utilize your creativity.
The PDF you access from this page link is a 24-page manifesto that is a very quick read, and worth your time. Probably even worth printing out and keeping in your office as a reminder of what kills those fabulous ideas. I have also posted the PDF in our TAAN resource section .

Communication Arts Online has a story and link to an interesting interactive execution called “Newsbreaker” . It’s part of the Interactive Annual Winners. Read the article and watch the short video clip embedded within the story. It shows an interactive concept called “crowd gaming” tested in movie theaters before the showing of the movie.

Givenchy Fashion Week 2008: ""Phenomen’ Eyes""Givenchy
This is a digital video. The art direction is great. Its simple and graphic. This is not a crazy-great idea, but it is cool in its delivery. It is on the Outside Editorial site.

Sprint has an interesting page that was developed by Goodby in San Francisco. Basically it is a way to demonstrate the mass of data the world has available, as long as you have a way to access it. (Through Sprint, of Course) A page of widgets with information from a wide array of sources.   There are many widgets that work together in a full page of mini-data points. Impressive page.

Our TAAN member, Mobium, continues to post up some thoughtful insights through their site. They promote a perspective via email link, then carry the reader to a specific video clip. Every clip does a great job of capturing a message with Mobium’s unique delivery. Today’s email led me to a very interesting video segment of Dr. David Weinburger, author of “Everything is Miscellaneous” .  It is a 29-minute video, but I was totally drawn in with the intellectual concepts this lecturer was presenting. The others are equally fascinating to watch. Give yourself a break and watch one. Way to go, Gordon, Bob, and gang! Thank you for sharing such great thinking!

My last one for today is a throw-back to when we were all much younger. An old-fashion marketing tool. Flip-books. With all the technology available, I had forgotten the simple joy of a flip-book. Today, in my email inbox was a promotional message from a company that produces flipbooks for the marketing industry. In fact, just link to their gallery of current books. You’ll see some fun examples of traditional marketing in action for some big brands. Remember, there are ideas that can stand the test of time.

This is it for today. I hope you will spend a few of your precious minutes and link to these fine examples of “innovative” thinking. Your brain needs food to grow. These are just some nuggets I came across today.

If you see other examples of cool ideas, please post them.