Some very good slide presentations to view

For all the pain of keeping up with Twitter. Posting thoughts, reading thoughts (many mundane), and following the various links off into the internet-o-sphere. There are some real gems that come up and are worth getting lost in the information. Here are a few examples of presentations, via Slideshare,  I viewed today:

Marketing in a Recession
By Todd Defren, Shift Communications

Doing Social Media Right in 2009
By  Marta Strickland, Organic

What the F**k is Social Media?
This one is 9 months old, but still worth scrolling through.
By Marta Kagan, ( very interesting blog, too.)

Making Web 2.0 work for B2B Brands
By Laurence Vincent, Seigel & Gale

By the way, an interesting tidbit on Slideshare: If you scroll to the bottom of the page under the presentation, and the comments, there is a section with the presentation text. I know it isn’t all that proper, but you can pick up sections for reference (just make sure you attribute them correctly if you do!)