Speaking the Language of Multinational SEO

Depending on what side of the force you see SEO on, be it the black, shiny, dark side of the black hats, or the gleaming, righteous side of the good guys you will see numerous answers to the question of multinational SEO. I have heard many a seasoned practitioner harp on about quick fix multinational SEO, employing horrific black hat methods like cloaking or in one case, writing a piece of content in English yet using keyphrase laden anchor text written in the target country’s native language. Content should be written to be read by people, not search engines. And if one more person tells me that “Yandex in Russia isn’t even worth the backlink”, I think I may kick him.

If like us you are safe in the knowledge that your site is not feeling the pinch of the Panda update and striding confidently towards setting up camp in a great spot in a competitive SERP, then listen up. 
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