TAAN: different cultures, one great group

We just finished the Barcelona meeting. 3 days of connecting, learning, networking and partying. One of the great speakers was Anne Shevchenko, a Ukrainian / English speaker who talked about Cultural Differences and what it means to your communication. I was struck by the increasing impact cultural differences have on the way we communicate as I started thinking about it. Not only from a professional point of view but also from a personal one since TAAN members come from all over the world. When I thought about this I realised how different we are. I always admired the ambition, determination and willpower of the Americans. I’m always suprised by the modesty of our Asian friends and their eagerness and will to learn and absorb everything happening around them. And the Europeans? As Blair Enns once said, you can’t judge the label when you’re inside the barrel. But I guess it’s obvious that having a party is a crucial part of our culture. So everyone get ready for our next World meeting in the Capitol of Dance Music: Amsterdam October 2014. And whatever the cultural differences are, I just realised that TAAN is a group of close friends when I saw our Russian and Ukrainean members, wholeheartedly greating as soon as they saw each other. The true proof that communication brings people together whatever our background, language or culture.

Looking forward to welcome you all in October in Amsterdam

Peter Colée – X-ingredient