Taan welcomes Magic Pencil

Taan Worldwide has added a new member, Magic Pencil ( https://www.magicpencil.ch ), headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Fredrick Karlström, Magic Pencil CEO, is excited to start working with the Taan members around the world.

“Thank you for inviting me to join the Taan Worldwide network. Thank you for the great experience I had at the Lisbon meeting where I met intensively a few of you. I was over the moon! It was highly emotional and very insightful. I had a blast in a safe space with great people. You shared your challenges, pains, but also interesting business opportunities with transparency, honesty and openness. Thank you for being so welcoming. I felt already part of the family.

Your network represents the values I have been looking for since 2009 when I took the reins of the Magic Pencil.

I cannot wait to meet you all in the coming months, share more and experience deeper with all of you!”

– Fredrik Karlström –  Master Magician, Magic Pencil