Taan Worldwide has added Chaos

Taan announces that Chaos has been approved for membership.

Chaos is branding and integrated creative agency that protects client interests, by helping ambitious leaders to create inspiring brands, penetrate markets and engage audiences. The agency provides integrated Advertising, Branding, Brand Strategy, Internal and Marketing Communications, Digital and Experiential through the power of Chaos Thinking™.

The agency has offices in London, Guilford, and Birmingham, in the UK.
“Meeting many of the TAAN agencies from around the world was a great opportunity to experience first hand the collaboration, camaraderie and openness between agencies  – many of which essentially provide similar services, but because of location aren’t rivals – nice one! So for me it’s going to be great to now be part of this diverse yet like-minded group of agency founders and leaders. As we know it can sometimes be lonely at the top. 
TAAN will also enable Chaos to: find out about alternative processes, explore different agency thinking, effectively sense check our agency set up and make any appropriate changes, whilst at the same time establish strong international connections, new friendships and business opportunities. Sound pretty awesome to me!”
Peter Campbell, Founder / Chief Enthusiast
Chaos – 
Branding & Integrated Creative Agency


Taan now has four members with offices in the UK. Continuing our mission of an independent network of experts across many communications disciplines around the world.

Welcome to the entire Chaos team to Taan Worldwide!