Taan Worldwide is more than just a “network”

It’s difficult to accurately describe the benefits of an industry peer group that regularly meets to openly share the good as well as the bad stuff that each of us face in our work. Then, to convince someone who has never participated in such a gathering, that is happens all the time at Taan Worldwide. At our meetings, and all year long.
This past month, there have been three blog posts written about the unique value of our meetings for our members. Two written by guest experts outside of our membership, who were invited to speak and spent time with the Taan members during a meeting. And one by a member, who felt inspired to write about his recent experience.
Here are the links to the three insightful posts:
By Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping
By John Hall, President of Digital Talent Agents
By Mark Gale, CEO of Charleston|Orwig, a Taan Worldwide member
Thank you Andrew Davis, John Hall, and Mark Gale, for saying it better than I can about the power of peers willing to share amongst friends. It is nice to know that you see the value that Taan Worldwide provides the members.  

I believe  At Taan Worldwide, we are here to make all of us better at what we do.