Taan Worldwide welcomes our new member – The Group Advertising

The Group Advertising, Orlando, Florida, USA ( https://thegroupadvertising.com ) is now a member Taan.
The multicultural agency was founded in 2006 by Hernan Tagliani, President & CEO.  Offices in Orlando, New York, and Miami.
“It is great to now be a member of Taan Worldwide. I felt welcome from the first gathering, like joining the Taan family. I look forward to building strong friendships, open and sharing partnerships, and learning as much as giving among the group. I feel like we are all in this together.” – Hernan Tagliani
Hernan and his team bring us a wealth of perspective and experience in our industry. Taan is happy to have the agency join us in building an ever stronger organization that benefits everyone of our member firms around the globe.