TAAN’s New Era begins Today

Greetings TAAN Members Today is the first of September. It is officially my first day as President of our Network. I welcome you all to the new era of TAAN. I would like to thank Gary for everything he has done for our organization. His leadership for the past ten years has grown TAAN in breadth and depth of network capabilities and the quality of members. He has been both a mentor and a friend to every agency. His heart has been in it, and we all have reaped the benefits of his commitment. Gary has agreed to be called upon over the months ahead for his wisdom and insight. I look forward to our tapping into his knowledge. Gary, I thank you for all you have done and for what you will offer us in our future. The new era of TAAN. What will TAAN be in the future? This is up to us. There is much for us to do to make TAAN better. It is a great organization. It will be even greater. Today we are 43 agencies strong. 1 agency in Africa, 14 in Europe, 3 in Latin America, 7 in Asia/Pacific/Middle East, and 18 in the US. Fair representation around the world. But, we will grow. We will grow in number of agencies, we will expand into new markets and countries, and we will grow in the quality of the individual member agencies. This is why you all are members – to make you and your agency better. I believe in the power of shared knowledge. To me, this gets to the core of what TAAN represents. The opportunity to grow as individuals, as independent businesses, and as a whole. This is based on our ability to share what we know and for each of us to learn from the entire group. Our success as an organization relies on all members’ willingness to actively participate. To share. To be open to new ideas. To learn. To reach out and assist when needed. Our mission speaks to four basic principles. Intelligence – sharing ideas, practices, information, processes. Expertise – cooperative use of talents, skills and experience. Reach – local capabilities around the world. Personal Effectiveness – learning as individuals through access to close and trusted advisors. This is what is expected as a member. To both give and receive such important knowledge. (That, and to pay your dues – which I will get to in a few paragraphs) This is also what you should expect from me. I will continue to learn as well as share what I know. You are part of this network. You all have a responsibility to TAAN, as well as to yourself and your agency. We all grow with your growth, as long as you share what you know and seek from others what you don’t know. I ask you to proactively cooperate in order for all of us to achieve the successes we desire. There will be changes to TAAN. There have to be. If we are to grow, then change is essential. No, we are not changing the name. It is what it is. What it means to us as individuals, to our network, and to the world outside of TAAN, is what will change. Transworld Advertising Agency Network. It is only a name. We will give our name new meaning through our growth and achievements. Make our brand mean what we wish by our actions. There are a number of areas we will address over time. Here are just a few steps we are already taking: New Members. Renewed energy toward bringing on new members with strong qualities. Gary has connected with a few US agencies that seem like great candidates. The Duffy Agency has really jumped in and worked hard to locate a number of potential members. Two prospects will be at the Paris Meeting at the end of October, to meet the members and win support for election to membership. We are making progress. The TAAN web site. Based on your input this past Spring, we are underway with creating a new site. Robust, deep, active, and informative. Digital Day, one of our members in Ohio, has taken on the extensive project. I am sure you all will be thrilled with the results. I will write more about this project in the coming week or so. Be prepared, you all will have work to to do to complete the site. It will be worth it. TAAN Extranet site. Through the web site, we are building a protected area that will house a number of functions, discussion groups, resources, and data that will be accessible by each of you, and your designated agency managers. It will also be self-managed. Allowing us to be current with our information. Credit Card Usage. Credit Card payment of TAAN invoices has become very popular. It seems you are looking to accumulate miles and reward points. A good idea for those who have not utilized this option. We are working to expand this option. It will be included within the TAAN Members Extranet, when its functioning. Meeting Agendas. To date, the meeting content has been addressing industry issues and presenting ideas that you can use. We are going to push this further. More interaction, and more topics. We are going to try to give meetings “themes” that will be the basis of the topics to be presented. Setting themes early will help everyone to consider what areas to focus on for each presentation, and give us time to search the more appropriate presenter. We are also going to add more content into each meeting. Filling the days with as many new ideas and topics as possible. Social time is important for each meeting, but we all run businesses and the more we can bring back to our agencies, the more potential for success. I want our time together to be productive. Cooperation between Networks. Gary started an association with a number of the other independent agency networks. I feel that there are important opportunities in sharing some resources and ideas with these networks. I know some of our members have accessed other agencies in markets we do not have members, through this “Summit of Networks.” I will be attending a meeting in a few weeks, with the other networks leaders. Pushing for more cooperation, and new ideas to bring to TAAN. A report on the meeting will be sent soon after my return. Over the coming weeks, there will be more I will write about. I want your input on these areas, and others that you think are worth our attention. We cannot do everything, but we are going to take the best ideas and push forward at a deliberate pace. This is how we will be an even greater TAAN. Put on your calendars, the upcoming meetings that have been scheduled: TAAN FALL 2007– Paris, France, October 25-27 TAAN WINTER 2008 – Atlantis, Bahamas, February 6-9 TAAN SPRING 2008 – European date and location TBD TAAN SUMMER 2008 – Laguna Beach, California, August 6-9 Details for each will be sent as soon as they are available As of today, management of TAAN has been officially transferred. It is going to be an exciting time. For TAAN, for you, and for me. I truly look forward to serving as President of our network. TAAN holds a special place within me, and I feel proud to lead our association. This job will not be easy, but I know the effort will be worthwhile. I am ready to begin this new era for TAAN. Thank you Gary. Thank all of you for your support and efforts. Now, let’s all have fun, let’s enjoy great successes, let’s be an even greater network! Peter