Tracking News about people you know

I am testing a new software product (new for me) that you may find valuable.
It is delivering great and timely articles about the people in my LinkedIn list.
Good stuff. Worth your time to give it a go.

I would explain more, but here is a better description —

Here is part of the About section of their site:
About Newsle

Newsle tracks people in the news.

Newsle finds articles about you, your friends and colleagues, and anyone else you care about and notifies you minutes or hours after they’re published.

Newsle combs the web continuously, analyzing over 1 million articles each day – every major news article and blog post published online, as well as most minor ones.

Newsle’s core technology is its disambiguation algorithm, which determines whether an article mentioning “John Smith” is about the right person.

Newsle only indexes publicly available news articles. We do not search for personal records, criminal records, phone numbers, addresses, or other private information.

How It Works

• You sign up for Newsle and import your Facebook Friends or LinkedIn contacts.
• You can choose to follow politicians, CEOs, celebrities, and other people you’re interested in.
• Newsle will track your people continuously and let you know when they’re mentioned in any news article or blog post online.