Welcome to the New TAAN Web Site.

Our new site is built to be a showcase of TAAN’s reach throughout the world. TAAN is one of the leading global networks of independent advertising agencies, and it is important for us to demonstrate our collective skills, insight, and ideas for success with everyone willing to join in the discussion. Our new web site is a statement toward our commitment toward these goals. This site is for the members of this global organization, our clients, prospects, friends, and anyone interested in learning more about being better in this great industry.

It is also a community resource for forward thinking advertising professionals. Each member of TAAN is serious about  participating in the sharing of knowledge that will make us all better and more successful. These TAAN members represent a cooperative group of industry leaders that believe in the value of shared insight. This is why our new site has taken a significant leap in breadth and depth of the information it provides. It will be a great tool for connecting each of the members. It will be our voice to the advertising community. It will be a resource that will become ever more valuable over time, through everyone’s that active collaboration in the tools, ideas, and issues this site will address from today forward.

I want to thank Digital Day for working so hard to pull together the new edition of TAAN.ORG. Thank you all that have joined in the effort to bring the elements together.

Learn, Share, and Grow.