What are you doing right now to change your marketing habits?

“There is not a future, if you cannot deliver the present.”
– Jonathan Salem Baskin

This is a quote that came out of a webinar that I listened to on Wednesday. Appropriate to the current economic environment. This webinar was addressed to marketers, but has some key points that we all should learn.

I have created a link to the webinar summary text below. Thankfully, the host company posted a summary. It saved me lots of time typing out my notes.

Of special note, Jonathan Salem Baskin is one of the scheduled speakers for our Copenhagen meeting. He is an Entrepreneur, Consultant and Author of the controversial new book, “Branding Only Works on Cattle.” Jonathan has a regular column in Ad Age and Information Week, he also posts a blog that is worth reading regularly, called Dim Bulb (http://dimbulb.typepad.com). I encourage you to link and get a fresh perspective that is quite entertaining in his unique perspectives on our business. Plus, he’s a great guy!

The Webinar:
How to Break Bad Habits and Survive a Deep Recession

Presenters: Jeff Molander, CEO, Molander & Associates, Inc. and Jonathan Salem Baskin
Hosted By Elastic Path, E-Commerce software company.

The overall theme is how to break your old habits of marketing and branding rather than doing the same old things and expecting different results. They call this “dangerous marketing” because it challenges you to rethink everything you ever learned about branding.