What happens when your customers engage and you don’t

 was forwarded this piece earlier.

It’s a nice reminder that whilst we talk some of our customers, or more accurately our customers’ customers, act. As business contracts making sure that we are setting the agenda is more important than ever. The democratic nature of ‘new’ media means almost anyone can lead it so it’s vital we at least have our own clients’ ears.

We’re making a big push just now to try and practice what we preach. We’re setting time aside to get onto Facebook, Myspace, Linked In and Twitter and to speak to our clients and anyone else who is interested. Already we’ve had positive feedback from an ex-client. It’s proving something of a learning curve for us too but that is certainly a good thing.

One of the hidden benefits is we get to take pearls of wisdom from the likes of Sean or Mark and pass them off as our own; network(ing) at it’s best!