Where do YOU think the industry is going?

Tom Martin has a very interesting perspective on where the ad business may go in the future. He just posted his latest thinking in his AdAge blog:

Advertising 5.0: Who Will You Be?
As Upheavals Continue, Many Could Be in for a Rude Awakening

We must all address this within our agencies. What do you want to be, and what are you willing to change and risk to get there? Probably more importantly, what are you risking by NOT changing your business model. It is not a future concern to contemplate. It needs to happen right now.

Tom and I have been talking over these past weeks about some of the points in his article. I do believe that there is a value to marketers that TAAN can address, through the entire organization and the individuals within it. It is already happening across the network – Shared Clients/Shared Expertise. We have the opportunity to develop more of these opportunities. We can do it right now. Will we take advantage of this insight and opening?

It is good that we have a meeting this week. Let’s talk about it, share it with the rest of the network, then move forward.

By the way, it was nice of Tom to list us in the blog. On behalf of TAAN, we appreciate it!