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Taan Worldwide - Global Insight with Local Market Access

We are one of the world's oldest, largest and most successful networks of carefully selected independent advertising & communications agencies. Today there are 51 member companies operating on every continent, in 32 countries and 67 cities worldwide.


We exist to enhance the intelligence, expertise, reach and effectiveness of the owners of our members.
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Expert Insight
  • Cultural Reach
  • Shared Capabilities


  • Peter Gerritsen

    TAAN President


Our 51 member companies, along with our affiliated agencies and resources, offer un-paralleled access to world of communication experts. Delivering an ever growing network of expertise and market access.

Events - Where & What?

Our network is built on the concept that shared knowledge and intelligence creates powerful insight in addressing the goals of agencies and marketers throughout the world. We hold regular meetings (US, European and Global) each year, and we place a strong emphasis on our members participation at these events. Our meetings are packed with valuable insight, feature renowned speakers, discuss important topics, and they are a lot of fun. Come experience the value of our global organization. Join us on our next meeting!

This is No Time for Going it Alone

When was the last time you had an honest, revealing conversation with the head of another agency? Maybe never?

Taan’s uniqueness arises from the honest willingness of its members to openly share their personal experiences, expertise, ideas, best practices, specialties, financials, successes, failures and even their dreams.

Taan helps agency owners operate in less of a vacuum by revealing winning new business strategies, providing a sounding board for new ideas and directions, sharing hard operating data and fostering non-competitive, cooperative relationships with other independent agency peers.

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Peter Gerritsen

Altmans Gallery opens in Moscow

Our Taan members in Moscow (Hidalgo), Egor and Christina Altman, have recently opened a fantastic new art gallery. Congratulations, and we wish them much success! Egor and Christina Altman opened in Moscow a gallery of mass-market art with the original works of Shagal, Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Warhol and Léger Press-release November, 20, 2015 19th of November, the first art-boutique of graphic art – Altmans Gallery – was opened in Moscow. The official ceremony was held in the gallery itself which is at the 2d floor of retail and business center Novinsky. There were about 200 famous and noble guests from the spheres of business, culture and social organizations. Through the evening gu...


There are tools that can make your life easier and can offer you a competitive advantage when it comes to everyday business. We are constantly searching for the most innovative and reliable resources that bring added value to our industry. All tried and true. You can browse through the complete list here.

If there is any resource that you are successfully using in your agency, please feel free to refer it to us. We might put it on the list.

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