Listen to Taan Worldwide members, and our affiliated resources, discuss topics about the business of marketing and communications around the world.

Each of these short podcasts bring a unique perspective of how the expertise of Taan members has benefited clients and their clients’ audiences. Taan Global Talks is our way of sharing what we have learned among our members and others involved in marketing.

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Vietnam’s powerful Influencers are shifting trust among the younger population
Vero recently conducted a survey in Vietnam about the rapidly growing power of influencers among the GenZ and GenY communities. While this is not a new marketing development, the depth of influence within this community has important implications for traditional methods of brand marketing throughout the region.
– Brian Griffin – CEO and Raphael Lachkar – Director,  of Vero (, Taan Affiliate agency based in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia. 



Building a Community through Storytelling
Brand stories can be powerful in building an inclusive community. Many brands attempt to create stories to connect the company with their customers, with limited success. Often corporate leadership misses the mark through lack of empathy and true experiences.
– Gordon Hochhalter,



Talent Attraction – 5 Questions with Rebecca Gehman
There is a global talent crisis in our profession. How can agencies address this in attracting and retaining the very best people to deliver the expertise that client now demand from their resources? Andy asks Rebecca the key questions that we all should be asking of our own efforts in Talent acquisition for our businesses.
Andy Levine and Rebecca Gehman, Development Counsellors International (DCI)


Amazon Marketing Requires Unique Focus
Navigating through the ever-changing landscape of selling through Amazon is very challenging for sellers. ChannelKey determined that the best way to deliver for their clients was to devote all their energies only on the Amazon channels. This has given the team the expertise that keeps them in the forefront of the most important sales engine in the world.
Dan Brownsher, Channel Key

The Unique Marketing Perspective of Belgium and The Netherlands
Our Taan members from Belgium and The Netherlands discuss the issues and opportunities for marketers, managing customer expectations in these multi-cultural countries within the EU.
Michel Devos and Nicolas De WinterVandekerckhove&Devos;  Peter Colee and
Gregor Lof
, X-Ingredient