Let’s Grow Together

Fueled by member collaboration, Taan Worldwide is a growth incubator for independent marketing agencies.

Our relationships are what makes us different. We’re fiercely dedicated to an open culture, which promotes trust and connections that are often deeper than a typical business network – allowing for selfless collaboration and high-level idea exchange in pursuit of inventive solutions.

Taan membership is purposefully a wide range of expertise across the spectrum of communications agencies. PR, traditional agencies, creative firms, strategic consultants, digital, research, media buying, experiential, design, mobile developers, social marketing, research, crisis management... you get the idea. We believe that each of us offer a perspective that will expand our collective knowledge that will strengthen our businesses. A team of peers that work to benefit each other. Along with broad portfolio of capabilities that enable our clients to extend their brand around the world.

This is not an organization for everyone in this business. But for those who see the benefit of such an open environment, demonstrate the commitment to sharing among peers, and bring to Taan a valuable perspective, these are the agencies that will be welcomed into our organization.

Agency Network

About Membership

How many times have you had an honest, revealing conversation with the head of another agency? Hardly ever? Maybe never?

Taan’s uniqueness arises from the honest willingness of its members to openly share their personal experiences, expertise, ideas, innovations, specialties, successes, failures and even their dreams for the future.

Taan helps agency owners and leaders operate in less of a vacuum by revealing winning new business strategies, providing a sounding board for new ideas and directions, sharing hard operating data and fostering non-competitive, cooperative relationships with other Taan agency peers.

In a candid, confidential forum – at Taan meetings and in between – members share their collective knowledge to expand their vision, improve decision-making and increase success rates. Taan helps its member agencies view their businesses and emerging trends with eyes larger than their own; hear new ideas with ears more sensitive than their own; and multiply their own personal experience by a factor of 50 or more.

Taan makes each of its members more effective, a leader fully in control of managing their agency’s future. That’s the power of the Taan group dynamic.

BenefitsOur valuable TaanX presentations at every meeting.

Taan’s Value in Your New Business Efforts


As an organization, Taan can help your new business efforts in several ways:

Successful New Business Strategies:  Members share their new business techniques at meetings and often in-between. New ideas for prospecting, positioning, gaining visibility and selling more profitable compensation packages are regularly discussed.

New Business Presentations:  You get to see actual new business presentations made by member agencies that helped them get into the finals of a pitch and ultimately to win the business.

Specialization:  With the emphasis on integrating communications, global marketing, digital solutions and unique media choices, clients are often looking for specialized services that fall outside manyagency’scapabilities. Taan members can effectively and profitably provide the services that your agency might not have through the diverse capabilities and cooperation of its members and affiliates worldwide.

Enhanced Expertise:  Members can become “quick experts” in a product or service category by tapping into the expertise of other Taan members. Members have helped other members put together successful presentations to businesses where they had minimal or even no previous experience. Taan members have jointly pitched new business and have been successful in winning the account.

Branch Office Services:  With their close contacts in markets around the world, Taan members can provide their clients with localized, hands-on service almost anywhere they might need it.

To learn more about Taan membership, email us at info@taan.org


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International CapabilitiesThe attendees at our Taan Istanbul Meeting

Taan International Capabilities and Services


For over 30 years, Taan has had members and affiliates in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Today, almost every company is involved in global marketing to some degree and Taan agency members are positioned to assist them in many countries around the world.

All international marketing efforts eventually must succeed on a local level. Understanding local customs, answering local needs and speaking local languages is what Taan is all about. Throughout the world, Taan offers experience and local know-how to help your clients appeal to local customers’ wants and needs. And do so in an efficient, economical and intelligent manner.

The benefits of being part of an international network go well beyond providing “branch office” services. Taan members stay on top of market changes, as well as cultural and business differences that might affect theirclients’marketing efforts in those countries or regions through the cooperative efforts of Taan members.

The Network Summit

In 1999, Taan became one of the founding members of The Network Summit, a consortium of successful networks similar to Taan. This consortium further extends the reach of its members by providing the combined strength of over 400 diverse, independent agencies, working in a non-competitive way to assist in supporting clients. Through these affiliations, Taan members can gain knowledge of an/or access to literally any market in the world.

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Network opportunitiesGlobal Mtg 2018 - Group Dinner

Experience The Fiercely Open Dialogue at Taan Worldwide Meetings


“There’s nothing more electric than a room full of intelligent people,” an editorial in AdAge stated. What an apt description of Taan’s three agency meetings held each year.

Each year, a meeting is held in North America and attended principally by our North American agency members. Another meeting is held in Europe and generally attended by European members. The third meeting is our annual Global meeting that is attended by all Taan members and held in different locations around the world.

All meeting agendas are member-driven with a strong emphasis on bringing in guest speakers as well as featuring member presentations. Typically, agendas encompass areas of interest to members, including such topics as:

  • Agency Management and Operations
  • Emerging Trends and opportunities
  • Financial Management
  • Growth Planning
  • New Business
  • CEO/Executive Skills Development

At each meeting, members report on recent developments, successes, challenges and problems at their agencies using a Taan Agency Update form,which is shared with attendees in advance of the meeting. Then, in an honest, fiercely open and revealing session during the meeting, members discuss, share and try to solve some of the remarkably common challenges they each face every day in their business.

Also, Taan’s legal counsel reports on significant legislative, regulatory and judicial developments that can affect members’ business practices. Members can also receive answers to specific legal issues or situations that their agency may be facing.

Additionally, Taan’s financial counsel reports on financial management, tax planning, retirement and succession planning as well as profitability improvement strategies. This too is often followed by a responsive Q & A session.

Taan meetings are great opportunities for knowledge and advice among peers and Taan’s professional counsels.

Who Attends Taan Meetings?

Usually the member agency’s CEO or Managing Director is the “official” Taan delegate who attends the meetings. This preserves continuity and allows members to become close friends over time. Frequently, other agency partners, senior executives and heirs-apparent accompany the CEO or even take their place when they cannot make the meeting.

How Do Members Work Together Between Meetings?

You might be surprised how often Taan members communicate with one another – either by email, phone, text, Slack, WeChat or even face-to-face meetings when necessary. Based on the close working relationships established at our meetings, members know who to call on for advice and assistance.

Each year, network-wide surveys are uploaded to the private extranet to keep everyone current on rates, pricing, salaries and member category market knowledge and special capabilities.

“Branch office” services on behalf of clients and special work requests are provided on an hourly fee basis with the first hour free. Occasionally members have set up special joint ventures to serve clients on an ongoing basis.

Member-to-member assistance ranges from client program work (special market expertise, market research, local PR, photography and video shooting, special events, media planning, digital development, broadcast production, personal contacts, etc.) to helping pitch new business to advice on agency operations (technologies and equipment, financial issues, employee issues such as benefit plans, handbooks, compensation, succession plans, etc.)

Special Workshops& Webinars

From time to time, Taan organizes one or two-day workshops for upper and middle management of member firms. Additionally, there is a webinar series, which is open to members’ staff, clients and partners.

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Legal and Financial ServicesDublin Mtg – Business session

Legal and Financial Services Counselors

ReedSmith for Legal Services

Taan maintains a formal relationship with the international law firm of ReedSmith, the global leaders in advertising and promotion law. And through their alliance with GALA (Global Advertising Law Alliance), Taan members can have access to legal advice and remedies almost anywhere in the world.

Under the arrangement with ReedSmith, Taan members receive legal updates via the Internet, as well as access to the firm’s library of legal forms and other documents. The firm’s partner, John Feldman, Esq., regularly attends Taan meetings and is available at no charge for “quick opinions” by phone or email. Case work, if needed by members, is provided on a fee basis with estimates provided in advance.

Locatelli & Company for Financial Services

Taan maintains a similar relationship with the Milwaukee, Wisconsin accounting firm Locatelli & Company, a specialist in advertising agency financial management. In addition to receiving regular management updates, the firm’s principal, Jim Locatelli, CPA, conducts a regular financial management workshop at many Taan meetings. He is also available for “quick opinions” at no cost by phone or email. Project work is available on a fee basis with costs estimated in advance.

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Information servicesAdvertising Expert, Jerry Gibbons, shares his insights

The Power of the Taan Worldwide Network

Taan Headquarters publishes several in-depth special reports either annually or every couple of years, including:

Member Expertise
Member expertise by market/product category, as well as specialized agency services. It allows members to quickly ascertain which members to contact for advice and assistance based on their capabilities and expertise.

Billing Practices & Production Cost Survey
Industry-wide fee and cost norms for use in educating clients to more realistic budgeting as well as understanding what member agencies are charging for similar services in their regions of the world.

Employee Salary Survey
Compare salary costs with other agencies on a job/responsibility level.

Other Communications
Taan Headquarters frequently sends emails to members on issues of general interest and importance to the advertising and marketing industry. Taan also utilizes a private discussion group to post the marketing ideas and opinions of members.

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Does Your Agency Have What It Takes to Join Taan Worldwide?

Taan Worldwide takes pride in the quality and caliber of our member companies. Taan has a rigorous process for evaluating potential members. Here are a few of our expectations for potential new members:

An independently owned and operated communications company that is considered a leader in their market, seeks inventive solutions, wants to grow and evolve and has been operating for a minimum of three years.

Brings a unique perspective and expertise that may benefit the organization and its members through selfless sharing.

Ability to invest time and be a fiercely open and active participant in the network – attending all required meetings, selflessly sharing insights and expertise and engaging in dialogue as requested.

Is not considered a direct competitor of a current member within their market area.

Demonstrates the financial capability to invest the required funds to pay both the annual dues and the costs to attend required meetings and other special events. Typically, this is a minimum of about 5000 USD per year.

If your firm is interested in becoming a member, please send your inquiry to info@taan.org

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Interested In Becoming Part of the Taan Worldwide Network?

If you are interested in learning more about Taan Worldwide, or in applying for membership, please contact Taan’s Headquarters (peterg@taan.org) or call +1-617-795-1706. Or feel free to contact one of our current members. Any one of us will be happy to discuss the merits and opportunities of being a Taan member.

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