The members of Taan bring knowledge, history, culture, skills, perspective, expertise, and the willingness to share all this with each other to help each of us be better agencies and leaders.
We asked Taan members why Taan is important to them — “Why Taan” video
Here are some perspectives from our members.

Taan Meetings: A Recipe for Success

— Jean-Marc Demers, Braque, Montreal, Canada

One of the most important reasons to affiliate your agency with an association of independent agencies like Taan Worldwide is the privilege of connecting with your peers. Being able to meet with fellow agency principals is invigorating and invaluable, and especially more so in a non-competitive environment such as Taan. Don’t get me wrong, there is tremendous value in meeting local agency owners in your community or your state, but one cannot afford as much candor when dealing with the folks you compete with on a daily basis.

Why I decided to join Taan…  (read more…)

There’s No Business Like Agency Business

— Andrew Eklund, Founder & CEO of Ciceron
Perhaps another reason for my side-eye reaction to the punditry of the industry is that there’s just no business like the advertising business. We are a strange ecosystem. In my side of the house — the digital one — we’re mashing up hardcore data nerds with media sophisticates and delightfully off-their-rockers creatives. Oh, we’re supposed to make money doing this too.

Taan – my worldwide board of directors

— John McCallum, Levy McCallum, Glasgow, Scotland
As boardrooms go ours is actually quite small, it has an oval, glass table that can seat 6 comfortably, maybe 8 at a squeeze, that’s not a problem for us as our board only has three people on it.  A three person board could be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got 50 non-executive ‘directors’ who I meet with twice a year and speak with regularly in between times. Even better none of them are on my payroll or claim a penny in expenses from me.

How Taan made me better

 — Doug Austin, Austin AmplifiesTaan Affiliate, Taan Member – (2011 – 2016)

I was seeking a global network for one very specific reason; I was never again going to lose a global opportunity because I did not have physical offices across the globe. I went looking for a global agency peer group and after interviewing the usual suspects, joined Taan. I needed a peer group which provided connections to in-market access, what I got with Taan was oh so much more.

An Organization based on Trust

— Peter Gerritsen, President – Taan Worldwide
I often describe Taan as a group of independent communications agency management peers that enjoy a high-level of trust with each other. Our web site home page sums it up as “a global network of fiercely open, selfless agency collaborators.”
Prospective members ask what that means. It’s a hard concept to explain when they have not experienced this idea outside of their own agency. “Experience” is a key word here…