Taan Worldwide Leadership - Our Perspectives

Peter Gerritsen, Taan Worldwide President

I assumed the leadership position of our network in 2007, working with member agencies, and promoting the network throughout the globe.We view our network as a key ingredient in assisting member agencies, and their clients, in improving their knowledge through better skills, insights, and operational processes through a cooperative network of independent agencies throughout the world. The interactions between each member has brought valuable tools to the entire group by sharing ideas that effect the way each of us conduct business. As Global President, my role is as a facilitator of this shared knowledge. Continuously looking to bring innovative thinking, creativity, and support to all the members and their clients.

Board of Governors

Jon Bailey, Chairman – Board of Governors

Founder/Chief Relationships Officer
i.d.e.a. in San Diego, CA

Living and working in San Diego, we constantly find our current and potential brand partners want to know that we have access to a broader global view. The connections made through the Taan Network to like-minded agencies around the world have been invaluable, not only in keeping us current on the latest expertise and insights, but also to engage in dialogue about issues facing marketers at every stage of development and point of view. These insights give us perspective we could not glean from any website or conference, no matter how many webinars we attend or speakers we hear. The agency heads at Taan are like a brain trust. Getting all that juice in a room to talk about real marketing issues is one of this network’s great strengths. Beyond that, I rely on their experiences and real stories to help me put perspective on the daily running of my own agency. Chances are whatever dilemma or opportunity I am facing, my peers in the group have had similar experiences and are openly ready to share. I can’t ask my competitors in town to share with that same level of candor, and this group is set up with an open book mentality. I’ve learned so much from them, and feel good about helping others learn from me too.

Peter Colee, Governor – International/Europe

Co-founder of X-ingredient

TAAN member since 2007, now one of the European governor’s. Since I’m a hyperactive person, starting a career in the communication business is the best thing ever happened to me. I love the everyday challenges I face and insights I get. There is no business changing so rapidly as ours. And that’s why we joined TAAN. Because we need to be able to keep on track in this business. Joining this network is very important for X-ingredient as an independent agency. As a TAAN member our agency worked together on projects with more then a dozen TAAN agencies on projects for our clients. We are convinced that TAAN contributed a great deal to our success. As a governor I want to put effort in sharing the opportunities TAAN offers with all (future) TAAN members.


Marcy Tessmann, US Governor

President of Charleston|Orwig
Hartland, Wisconsin

John McCallum, Governor – International/Europe

Partner and Managing Director of Levy McCallum
Scotland, Ireland

We joined TAAN Worldwide over 12 years ago, we very much viewed it as an opportunity to learn and we’ve not been disappointed. Through TAAN Worldwide we’ve had access to thinking, case studies and speakers we’d simply never have encountered as an independent agency based in a provincial city. Twice a year I get the opportunity to share ideas and experiences, access some great marketing minds and learn how to improve our agency for the benefit of our clients and our staff. Along the way I’ve made some good friends who I can, and do, call upon for advice and perspective. Our industry has changed dramatically since we joined TAAN Worldwide, we expect it will continue to change for a while yet. We rely on our TAAN Worldwide colleagues to help us see the future and prepare for it.

I believe the more you put into something the more you’ll get out of it so I was delighted when asked to become a Governor. I hope I can live up to the trust put in me by my fellow members and help TAAN Worldwide continue to provide guidance, insight, advice and opportunity in the years to come.


Terry Lee, Governor – International/Asia

Managing Director, Splash

Doug Austin, US Governor

Marlin Network
Springfield, MO

Legal Counsel

John Feldman, Taan Legal Counsel

Partner ReedSmith, Washington, DC

TAAN maintains a formal relationship with the national law firm of Reed Smith, the country’s leading practice specializing in advertising and promotion law. And through their alliance with GALA, (Global Advertising Law Alliance), TAAN members may have access to legal advice and remedies almost anywhere in the world.

Financial Counsel

Jim Locatelli , President

Locatelli & Company 

A certified public accountant and an entrepreneur himself,  Jim Locatelli took his considerable experience in the marketing communications field and opened up his own distinctive boutique of financial management and accounting services.

Prior to opening Locatelli and Company, Jim served as the CFO, executive vice president and shareholder of a large Milwaukee-based advertising agency. In fact, he currently serves as the part-time CFO for several marketing communication firms that rely on his expertise.

Jim is experienced in a variety of accounting and business management capacities, including financial analysis; income forecasting and budget control; tax reporting; succession planning; mergers and acquisitions; cost accounting, contract negotiation and execution; and employer retirement planning.