Duffy Agency Offers Companies a New Option for International Growth

March 31, 2015
BOSTON & MALMÖ, Sweden – What happens when you take the marketing industry’s business conventions and do exactly the opposite? Unconventional growth is the result, according to veteran marketer Sean Duffy. Duffy is CEO of Duffy Agency, a digital marketing firm specializing in helping companies grow internationally.

The agency is launching a service that Duffy believes can redefine the way companies buy marketing services from ad agencies, web development firms, and other marketing service providers.

The new service, called Moso Growth Program, is a marketing program that helps mid-sized businesses define and achieve ambitious three-year growth objectives. During that period Duffy Agency serves as a fully integrated extension of the client’s marketing department, providing expertise and support in strategic planning, creation of communication materials, and online management of websites, social platforms, search and social advertising and e-commerce stores.

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