Network Summit Report

Network Summit I attended the Summit of Networks meeting in Paris last week. This was the group of global network heads looking to find common opportunities to use our collective networks to help individual member agencies as well as the entire membership of independent agencies. The meeting included TAAN, ICOM, IN, Magnet, Worldwide Partners, and AMIN. Representing almost 400 agencies globally. We decided that we have a few initial programs to set in motion. Collaborating on some of the reports/surveys we use within the individual network. Allowing the results to be a broader comparison. A larger sample will bring more accurate data. A non-competitive approach to growing membership within each individual network. Each network has some measure of market exclusivity, therefore an agency looking to join a particular network but is unable because of an existing agency, will be pointed toward other networks. We will strengthen and improve the database of consolidated agency listings. For those agencies seeking a partner agency in a category or region that our network does not have a member. This includes basic agreements for the relationship among agencies. We are going to look into shared participation in some larger conferences, therefore keeping costs lower for each network. This also includes potential opportunities to develop shared affiliations with larger resources that can help individual agencies. We are going to consider a global meeting for all members in all our networks. Some time in the next few years, we will set our TAAN meeting to align with this larger group meeting. Bringing in the best speakers and ideas. (this is one I think will be fabulous for everyone) We are going to evaluate and recommend the best speakers on topics that we all feel are important. We are going to promote the “Value of Independent Agencies” with a consolidated Press push, next year. There are more, and I will bring them to you as they come together.