The easiest way to get more value from your ad agency is staring you right in the face.

How can marketers get more value from their ad agencies? This perennial topic took on renewed vigor with the economic downturn and has continued to preoccupy industry pundits throughout the recovery. Too much of the advice being dispensed (e.g. "How to manage your advertising agency for maximum success") centers around ways to keep your agency on a shorter leash, squeeze their timelines and margins even further, or micromanage their every decision. Think about that as a management style. Would it work on your employees? Would it work on you? Why do so many marketing managers think it will work on their ad agency?

But that’s not why I take issue with these articles. The problem I have with all these well-intentioned advice givers is that almost without exception they overlook the simplest, most effective, most foolproof way to boost the value you get from your ad agency. >> Read Full Post on Talent Zoo >>