Two things even social media can’t cure

Today you have more options for marketing your brand than ever. Tomorrow you’ll have even more. And that’s the problem. Explosive change is distracting. To read Ad Age or Campaign one would think that everything in our industry — from media to markets to research to consumers to the agency model — is in a radical state of flux. And it probably is. But in a world where so many things about our business are changing right out from under us, I think many marketing practitioners have lost sight of the two things that have not changed at all: the core functions of uncovering insights and telling compelling stories around them. Without these two things all the Twitter followers, Facebook friends and widget downloads will not help your brand.20070702-keep_calm If you are on the client-side you should demand these skills of any company or social media guru who tries to sell you on their ability to help your marketing program. If you are on the agency-side you should make sure that in your efforts to keep up with all this change you do not neglect them.To help our TAAN agencies in this regard we have build our global meeting around this theme with the title “Back to Basics”. For those on the client-side and others I will include some “Back to Basics” posts in the months to come where I will explore the often-overlooked basics of good marketing and how they apply to today’s rapidly evolving marketing environment. If you enjoyed this post, please copy and paste the text below into Twitter.Brand Rants: Two things even social media can’t cure