We welcome The Bloom Agency to membership in TAAN

The Bloom Agency, founded in 2000 and located in  Winston-Salem, NC, USA, is focused on the business development of local and national client organizations in a broad range of industries. For most clients, the agency functions as the marketing department and marketing director. As such, they work directly with the top levels of the client company, participate in their internal strategy and planning meetings, and carry out virtually any work an internal marketing director might be expected to perform. Clients benefit from a team of marketing, advertising and public relations experts who know them well, understand their business goals, and are all actively engaged in designing and executing solutions. To avoid any potential conflict between our clients’ best interests and the agency’s interests, The Bloom Agency has never taken the commissions and mark-ups that are customary in the industry.

The TAAN Network welcomes Art Bloom and the entire agency team to our global association of communications leaders.