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John McCallum

A Dirty Old Town

A couple of weeks ago I was in a bar high in the Wicklow Mountains outside Dublin listening to a band, they were encouraging their audience to sing-a-long to ‘Dirty

Peter Gerritsen

TAAN interview on Research In Creative podcast

 I had a fun time chatting with Keith Burtis at CarbonView last week. Keith asked me to participate in his Research In Creative podcast. We talked about the merits of

Peter Gerritsen

Newism – The Consumer demand for NEW is exploding

 New products, new tools, new apps, new, new, new….

John McCallum

Speaking the Language of Multinational SEO

Depending on what side of the force you see SEO on, be it the black, shiny, dark side of the black hats, or the gleaming, righteous side of the good

Peter Gerritsen

Ad Agencies – Independence doesn’t mean having to go it alone

As the owner of an independent agency, joining the right network is an investment in you and your agency.Not a single person in this business can truly say they do