Where Can You Get Good Fertiliser This Time of Year?

It must be autumn (Fall) round here again. It’s now dark in the morning when I get up and I found myself noticing farmers ploughing their fields last week whilst returning from a meeting out of town.

Despite being accused of dressing like a scarecrow on more than one occasion I’m a city boy born and bred and other than holidays in the countryside I’ve never spent any time there so I’ve little clue what the farmers were up too. My guess is this year’s crops have been harvested and they’re now preparing their fields for the coming winter and 2010.

Farmers, more than most, have to deal with elements completely outside their control. For all the ploughing, sowing and preparation they put in they know they are only a late frost, a heavy rain storm or a prolonged dry spell away from serious difficulty.

The other reason I know it is autumn is that there’s a TAAN meeting this week.